Please Note:

The carat weight and prices on our website are approximate. Although bezels take same amount and size diamonds the diamond carat weight does vary individually depending on the diamond's crown angle and pavilion depth. Once an order is placed, our office will get back with you within 24 hours to confirm the exact diamond carat weight in stock and price. 

Prices are subject to 15% change. 

Bezels for Watches Inc., is not an official jeweler of, not an authorized distributor of, not affiliated with, and not sponsored by Rolex Watch U.S.A. Inc., Hublot U.S.A. Inc., or Chanel U.S.A. Inc. or otherwise associated with any watch manufacturer. The addition of these bezels to watches manufactured by any watch manufacturer may void their warranties, and may result in the inability to have these watches serviced by these manufactures or their official dealers.